The TMobile ValueCard is a prepaid gift card issued by T-Mobile for promotional campaigns. It is a Mastercard Debit Card.

Th debit card is distributed to T-Mobile customers who have qualified for a refund/rebate, so that you0 can easily use your rebate/rewards. The prepaid debit cards are issued by Citigroup. You can use your T-Mobile Value Card to pay your T-Mobile bil, or shop where debit cards are accepted.

The T-Mobile Value Card had its own domain at www.T-Mobilevaluecard.com, but this website is no longer fuctioning.

www.T-Mobilevaluecard.com Balance Check

How do I check the balance on my promotional T-Mobile Value Card?

The www.T-Mobilevaluecard.com is no longer active, and you will be re-directed to https://login.wirecard.com, if you try to visit the old domain.

On the the new Wirecard login page, enter your Username and Password to check your balance.

Once logged in, visit the “Access $” Tab to check your balance. You cannot use your card for cash in an ATM, however.

You can also or text BAL to 7283 to check your balance.

To activate your T-Mobile Valuecard/Rewards Card, got to www.login.wirecard.com and click on “Register”.

T-Mobile Value Card Activation

In order to use your prepaid gift card for online purchases, you must register or activate your card first.

It is simple:

Visit https://login.wirecard.com/register/card/display.do

Enter your 16 digit Card Number

Enter your 3-digit Card Security Code (Found on the back of your card at the end on the signature panel).

Click “Next” and follow the instructions.

If you are experiencing problems, then contact T-Mobile Reward Cards Customer Service on: 1-877-311-8853.

Hours: 8:30 am to 8:30 pm Central time. Monday through Friday.

The Wirecard Customer Service phone number is 1-800-522-7458.

T-Mobile® Switching Cost Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card.

T-Mobile also issue Visa reward gift cards for switching to T-mobile from another carrier.

The activate the T-Mobile Switching Cost Reimbursement Visa Prepaid Card:

  • Visit: https://www.myprepaidcenter.com/site/t-mobile
  • Click on “Activate Card” on the top of the page.
  • Then, enter your card details.

T-Mobile Value Card/Wirecard Fraud.

Many customers have reported fraud on their card, or that their rebate/reimbursement Visa/Mastercard never arrived in the post.

This is a common problem. Prepaid Visa/Mastercards often get stolen somewhere in the postal process, or the card arrives with all the credit having been spent already. T-Mobile is aware of the problem.

If this happens to you, call T-Mobile customer service or the Wirecard customer service. T-Mobile Support is also available on Twitter and Facebook.

For lost/stolen cards, call: 1-877-855-7201. Provide the full name, phone number, email address, plus shipping address listed on the card submission.