Check Target Gift Card Balance

Are you getting a target gift card from spending your money to buy some products at your nearest store? If yes then I’m sure that you’re excited to know to unlock this. I know that you’re here because you don’t have proper knowledge about a Gift card from Target. Don’t worry because in this article we’re going to clear all your doubts and give you a proper guidance about how you can use this gift card. Let’s start our conversation with an introduction to Target gift cards.

What is a Target Gift Card?

This card looks like a normal debit or credit card. You can use this card to purchase anything or you can also add some funds as savings or for future use. You can get this gift card from your family or friends. If you’re using a physical target gift card that you can store up to $5 to $500 but its maximum limit is increased if you’re using its online version. If you have its online version then you can store from $5 to $1000.

Where to buy Target Gift Card

You can easily buy this gift card online or you can also use the store’s app to get this gift card. Let me tell you that you’ll not be rewarded with any cash or gift while buying this card. You have to add the balance to this card through your bank. If you want to know about this card because you think that you’ll get money rewarded by the company then this article is not you. You’ll not get a single amount after buying this card.

So, I think you like the introduction of the Target gift card, continue this to know how to check the target gift card balance.

How to check the target gift card balance?

If you have a target gift card and you want to check the balance of your gift card then you can easily do this by following some easy steps. Let me tell you one more thing that you can check the target gift card balance by 2 methods. We are going to discuss both the methods to check the balance of the gift card. You can select any of the methods according to your preferences.

Method 1

Check the balance of Target gift card from the official website of Target gift card.

Step1:- Go to the official website of Target gift card.

Firstly, connect your device to the good quality internet. Now, open your browser and type the official address of the Target gift card website which Target Gift Card Balance. After entering the website address on your browser you reached the official page of Target.

Step2:- Enter your Target gift card number.

Once you reach the official website of the target gift card, A box is presenting in the front of your screen. This option asks for your Target gift card number. Fill your target gift card number properly and make sure to avoid any mistakes.

Step3:- Type your Access Number.

The access number is an 8 digit number which appears downward of the card number. Find this number on your target gift card and type it on the 2nd blank box which is placed in the front of the screen.

Step4:- Click the option of “Check balance” and check your balance.

Once you fill in all the card numbers and access numbers correctly amd after that click to the option of “Check balance”. Once you click on this option then a new page will open which shows your target gift card balance amount.

Method 2

Use of automated phone service.

You can also use an automated phone service to know the balance of your Target gift card. To know how you can check the balance of your Target gift card by using an automated phone service follow the steps which are discussed below.

Step1:- Call on this number 18005442943

The first is to open your call book and type the 18005442943. Once you call on this number then after some time your request is received by a recording. This recorded voice asks you some questions.

Step2:- Listen to the prompt carefully and Press 1

This prompt will tell you to select any option according to your preference. Listen to it carefully and press 1. If you want to know any other thing then you can press any other key according to your preferred option.

Step3:- Dial the 15-digit gift card number

Now, they will ask you to type your target gift card number. Place your target gift card number which counted to 15-digit.

This number will appear on the backside of your gift card. To know the exact appearance of this number checks the bottom left side of your target gift card.

Step4:- Your Balance is here

Once you enter your card number and proceed to the next then a voice will tell your balance to you. After that, you can cut the call.

So, these are the steps by which you can easily check your target gift card balance. Now, let’s discuss some doubts and queries related to the target gift card.

Target Gift Card Balance FAQs

1. Can I buy a target gift card online?

Ans. Yes, You can buy a target gift card in both online and physical mediums.

2. What is the same as the target gift card sale?

Ans. Well, there is no exact date 9f the sale of the target gift card. Last year, this sale was held on 8th December. Stay updated to get the exact date of sale.

3. Can I buy a target gift card on Amazon?

Ans. No, because Target gift cards are not available on Amazo

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